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Internet for Travellers Mobile WiFi

MEO Mobile WiFi

Connect up to 10 smartphones, tablets or PC to 15GB of Internet for 1 week in Portugal without roaming charges.
Pack Lisboa Interativa: Compre Jà!

Pack Lisboa Interativa

Come feel Lisbon shaking and see how an earthquake rebuilds a city...
Lisboa Story Centre

Lisboa Story Centre

If you'd like to make a real time travel we challenge you to visit Lisbon Story Centre ...

Lisbon Shop

Lisbon Shop is the team's new Welcome Center in Lisbon. This is a cultural-tourism offers a wide range of products and services.

Music, literature and cuisine will also be represented in Lisbon Shop , where visitors can find CDs and books on the Portuguese music, tour guides and literature about the cuisine and wines from the region of Lisbon and Vale Tejo.

In addition to tourists and visitors from Lisbon, this new space for culture, cuisine and entertainment is also dedicated to Lisbon, which acts as a reunion with their traditions.

Rua do Arsenal, 15 | Tel.: +351 210 312820
Inverno/Verão | 9.30 - 19.30


10% discount

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